Consumer Important Dates

December 10, 2018 is the Effective Date and planned completion of the transition from NorStates Bank to First Midwest Bank. As you prepare for the conversion weekend, please keep the following key dates, times, and details in mind. You will find additional details in the Consumer Resource Guide, for a smooth transition of your everyday banking needs.

 Friday, December 7, 2018 Monday, December 10, 2018 
Debit/ATM Cards
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Your NorStates Bank Debit Card and PIN will continue to work during the transition. If a PIN (Debit) transaction is declined, opt for Signature (Credit).You can activate and begin using your new First Midwest Bank Debit or ATM Card, or use your NorStates Bank Debit Card until 6/10/19 or the card’s expiration date, whichever comes first. 
Online Banking
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Access to NorStates Bank’s Online Bill Pay will no longer be available as of 8:00am CST. Online Banking will be available until 6:00pm CST. Please complete your final Quicken® download by 6:00pm CST.View-only access is available in NorStates Bank’s Online Banking until 8:00am CST. Access to First Midwest’s Online Banking will be available at 8:00am CST. Use your current NorStates Bank Access ID and Password to sign in at
Mobile Banking 
Access to NorStates Bank’s Mobile Bill Pay will no longer be available as of 8:00am CST. Mobile Banking will be available until 6:00pm CST.View-only access is available in NorStates Bank’s Mobile Banking until 8:00am CST. Download our app and use your current NorStates Bank Mobile Banking Access ID and Password to log in.
Please continue to use your existing supply of NorStates Bank checks. They are still valid and we will continue to honor them after the transition.As your supply of NorStates Bank checks naturally runs low, please contact First Midwest Bank to order a new supply. Our routing number is 071901604. 

Direct Deposit and Electronic Funds Transfers
All existing direct deposits will continue without interruption. Please do not make any updates to routing instructions before this date.Any newly established direct deposits, preauthorized, or other electronic transfer relationships, should use First Midwest Bank’s routing number: 071901604. 

Automated Phone Banking
Access to NorStates Bank’s Telephone Banking ends at 6:00pm CST. Access to First Midwest Bank-Line will be available at 8:00am CST. Dial 800.322.3623. Your PIN is the last four digits of the primary account holder’s SSN.
Branch Access
All NorStates Bank’s lobbies and drive-ups will close on Friday, at 5:00pm CST on 12/7/18
All branches will reopen for normal business hours as First Midwest Bank on Monday, 12/10/18.
ATM Access
  • Access to NorStates Bank ATMs and First Midwest Bank ATMs will be available during conversion weekend and beyond. 
  • As of 12/5/18, surcharge-free access to MoneyPass® ATMs will no longer be available, however 55,000 surcharge-free Allpoint® ATMs will be available.
  • As of 12/10/18, you will have full access to all First Midwest Bank ATMs.

Download a PDF of these Important Dates here.
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